A Day for groundwater

Another opportunity to “talk” about water and especially about our invisible underground reserves was for EYATH today’s World Day, which highlights this year the need for coordinated action in favor of the sustainability of this natural resource.

In two central parts of the city, EYATH distributed information material and seeds as a “reminder” of the great stake of protecting our water and aquatic ecosystems against the climate crisis, but also as a simple symbolic movement of environmental sensitivity. Poppies, “do not forget me” and sunflower seeds were distributed to passers-by, along with information about the importance of groundwater and our reserves in the plain of Thessaloniki.

For this year’s celebration, the president of EYATH SA, Agis Papadopoulos, noted: “One in 5 inhabitants on earth does not have access to clean water. In order to avoid future water shortage crises, we are proceeding with projects to ensure the water supply of the wider area. This includes on the one hand the upgrade of our “large” biological waste-water treatment, so that the water that ‘comes out’ can be used in other uses, e.g. rural, on the other hand includes the reduction of losses in the urban network, so that we have lower consumption of primary water “.

“We have been discussing water resources lately in relation to the climate crisis. For two years now, water has been our main weapon against the pandemic, and in recent weeks we have been talking about water scarcity and the humanitarian crisis in Mariupol…we live in uncertainty and we ought to do whatever we can for our children “, pointed out the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis. Especially for the theme of this year’s celebration, groundwater, he noted that “in our area, the plain of Thessaloniki, the rational use by EYATH of the surface waters of Aliakmonas, the springs of Aravissos and the water wells in the plain of Axios has helped increase our underground reserves “.

On the occasion of the global celebration, the UN points out that 2 billion people on the planet do not have access to safe water and reminds us of our commitment to approach Sustainable Development Goal 6 for clean water and sanitation for the whole world by 2030!


In Ag. Sofia St. and in Aristotelous Sqr. , stands were set up with information material and gifts for our fellow passerbyers:

From the left, A. Amanatidis, A. Papadopoulos and Grigoris Penelis, vice president of EYATH