65 million euros worth projects of responsibility

The course of its investment program, with sustainable, environmental infrastructure projects amounting to 65 million euros, was presented at today’s press conference by the management of EYATH, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace), Th. Karaoglou, and the CEO of EESYP, R. Aikaterinari.

“With the international and local public opinion anxiously watching the course of the pandemic and its effects on the economy, it is important to have ‘good examples’, which rise the world’s confidence and show the way to a “different” Greece. EYATH is such an outstanding example. It shows the way and motivates all public organizations to follow it. “In the midst of a pandemic, a large investment program is ‘running’ with sustainable and environmental infrastructure projects”, said in his short greeting the supervising Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace), Theodoros Karaoglou.

“EYATH’s investment program launches all projects that will form a completely different picture in the near future in terms of productivity, the environment and the best services to citizens in Thessaloniki,” said the CEO of the Hellenic Holdings Company and Property, main shareholder of EYATH. It is, added Ms. Aikaterinari, a model company of the wider public sector that modernizes and builds relationships of trust with all stakeholders, employees, shareholders, local government and primarily the local community. “However, we do not abandon the effort to strengthen competitiveness. The EYATH share, with a capitalization of more than 150 million euros, was included in the FTSE Mid Cap index of the Stock Exchange in June 2020. The share price – although declining since the beginning of the year as a result of the pandemic crisis – is resistant to falling of the market and has a high dividend yield, being a choice of institutional and private investors “, added Ms. Aikaterinari.

Ongoing essential projects, that will improve the quality of life in Thessaloniki, were presented by the EYATH administration. The ongoing restoration – repair of the Aravissos pipeline, the expansion of the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant, the energy-environmental upgrade of the Water Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki, as well as the renovation of the emblematic building of 1970 in Egnatia St., in Sintrivani, where the company’s management is currently housed.

The chairman of EYATH, Agis Papadopoulos, spoke about a building with a strong architectural personality, but also of high energy and environmental performance, which will aesthetically upgrade the connection area of ​​the campus of AUTh, TIF and Egnatia St. . “The new building, as it will be handed over in 2023 to the employees of EYATH and the people of Thessaloniki, will refer to the old one, it will be in an architectural association with the area, but mainly it will be a model office building, with almost zero energy consumption!” said Mr. Papadopoulos. As he explained, the shell of the new building will be consisted of a combination of sandblasted glass with movable, translucent blinds, providing lighting and adequate sun protection, while the building will have advanced automation and control systems. It will serve about 130 employees and will have meeting and event rooms, facilities for the disabled, as well as modern earthquake protection. The project’s estimated budget is 3.5m euros.

“From June 1st until now, we have repaired 40% of the section of the Aravissos pipeline that has been selected for maintenance as the most vulnerable, without any disturbance for the citizens of Thessaloniki. This is exactly where the innovation of the method we follow lies: to repair after 40 years such a large and important pipeline for water supply in full operation! “,stressed the vice-chairman of EYATH, Grigoris Penelis , presenting the ongoing maintenance project(ΒΙΠΕ-Θ) of the 56 km pipeline, which supplies water to Thessaloniki with spring water from Aravissos. As he explained, this is a technically delicate and complex project, but absolutely necessary given the failures that the pipeline developed at this point in the past, but also because of its uninterrupted 40 years of operation in a very acidic environment. “By revealing piece by piece the pipeline we basically confirm the study, we find what we expected to find and this is shown by the consistent observance of our budget so far. So there are no surprises! “, added the vice-chairman of EYATH. The execution of the project will last until June 2021 and includes the excavation and unveiling of the pipeline in sections, initially 600 m long. The excavation will be extended to sections beyond 600 m for inspection. The maintenance and reinforcement of the pipeline is done by external attachment of carbon fiber sheets, after the pipeline is “sanitized”.

Anthimos Amanatidis, CEO of EYATH, spoke about the upcoming projects at the water and wastewater treatment plants (EENTH and EELTH respectively): With the completion of the project, the capacity of the installation will be increased to 300,000 m3 per day. Increasing the capacity will enable us to expand to new areas that need safe water supply, and at the same time will allow us to meet future, increased needs of the Urban Complex or the industrial area. This expansion will offer at least an increase of 30% -40% in our turnover “. “The construction time of the project is 20 months, followed by 4 months of test operation and 6 months of its efficient operation with water for use”, added Mr. Amanatidis.

He also presented the energy saving and environmental protection projects at EELTH, as the relevant contract is signed in the coming days. “These are maintenance, repairs, projects to optimize and upgrade the performance of the facility, sanitary monitoring projects, amounting to 40 million euros. The projects include, among others, the largest exploitation of the produced biogas for the energy needs of EELTH, as well as the installation of a solar panel park with a capacity of 1MW. The implementation of the aforementioned projects will minimize the energy footprint of the unit, which is a strategic goal for all our facilities “, concluded Mr. Amanatidis.

Paris Billias, Deputy Regional Head of Infrastructure and Networks, representing the Region of Central Macedonia, also addressed a greeting.

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