5,000 masks for the students

Multi-purpose cotton masks were symbolically distributed today by EYATH during the consecration at the 15th Gymnasium – Lyceum of Thessaloniki, in the framework of an initiative to strengthen the State’s effort in the fight against the pandemic.

A total of 5,000 masks for high school and lyceum children will be distributed through municipalities to schools in eastern, western and central Thessaloniki.

The Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace) Theodoros Karaoglou, supporting the initiative, wished a good school year to the children and pointed out that “the coronavirus can not stop the journey of knowledge or the educational process, so books and masks must be become your best friends “. “Stay safe, stay diligent, protect your classmates and parents guided by your teachers. “Education and health are the most valuable goods that accompany your life and a pillar of development, prosperity and progress of the society”, stressed Mr. Karaoglou.

“EYATH SA, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility and aligned with the State in the difficult fight against the pandemic, hands out a symbolic 5,000 reusable masks in schools of the Urban Complex of Thessaloniki. The mask and the good and frequent hand washing are today the most valuable tool in the classroom -along with the books-, because it ensures the basics: the return to school normality and socialization. We hope that it will not last long. We wish all our children a calm and productive school year in the classrooms, with the application of the hygiene measures.

Finally, we remind you that gloves, masks, antiseptic wipes should end up in special bins, not in the toilet. We are taking care of our sewerage network and, last but not least, our Thermaikos! “, Pointed out the vice-chairman of EYATH, Grigoris Penelis.

The Deputy Mayor of Sports, Petros Lekakis, also participated in the consecration on behalf of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, who wished the children “not to change anything in their habits, but creating a new habit, that of the mask and the antiseptic”.

The vice chairman of EYATH, Grigoris Penelis, wishes a happy new year and symbolically distributes masks to students

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