176 million worth investments by 2024

The distribution of € 0.126 per share was decided by today’s Annual Ordinary General Meeting of EYATH SA shareholders, during which the importance of hiring new staff as a key production factor for the implementation of the company’s 5-year investment plan was highlighted.


“By taking over our jobs, we have first “invested” in human resources: the company has been “staffed” for 14 years, covered organizational gaps and expanded into new areas, eventually expanding our product range,” said the President and CEO of EYATH SA, Professor Yannis N. Krestenitis. “Without the new staff, the repair of the damage to the Aravissos pipeline would have been delayed, and the repair works of the pipeline, the extension of the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant or the upgrading works would not have been put on track yet”, he added.


Company executives have outlined the key pillars of investment planning by 2024 (budget € 176 million), which includes, among others, modernization of drainage networks and expansion into new areas (€ 27 million), modernization of building infrastructure (€ 15 million), improvement of the water supply network and its extension to new areas (EUR 110 million). Specifically for the Industrial Area, as explained, EYATH, as managing director of the RWP-I and Wastewater Treatment Plant (NWP) sewage network, has been operating since 1stJune under its own supervision of the NWP and has announced a call for projects of the sewage pumping stations within RIP-I. At the same time, studies and additional projects, necessary for the operation of the installation are in full compliance with the applicable environmental conditions, always with a view to protecting the public interest and the continued pursuit of industrial activity. Particular mention was made of the company’s new website (www.eyath.gr), which launches a new “electronic” relationship with consumers for their transactions, as well as the modern customer service offices at 6, Aggelaki St.  (will be open from June 10th).

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