'We have a clear business plan'

EYATH’s clear business plan offering comprehensive water supply – sewerage services to the Greater Thessaloniki Area was mentioned by the company’s Chairman and CEO, Nikos Papadakis, at the annual economist analysts briefing held at the Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre.

'Learning from children’s example'

“We need to set an example for adults, because we are pure-hearted”, said 9-year old Emmanuel, setting the tone for this year’s World Environment Day celebrated by EYATH at the Water Supply Museum along with children from the 1st Model Experimental Primary School, children from the Evosmos 11th Primary School and the Kaleidoskopio Music-Theatre Troupe.


Mop races for the environment!

Relay races featuring mops and recycling games for around 80 primary school pupils in the Thessaloniki area were part of the World Environment Day events held on Friday, 5.6.2015 at the EYATH Water Supply Museum (19 26th Oktovriou St., next to the FIX Factory).

2015 Q1 Results

EYATH S.A. closed 2015 Q1 with high profits and liquidity.
The Q1 interim financial statements show Group turnover at € 19.1 million compared to € 19.2 million in the same period last year, down just some 0.56%.

EYATH’s example

The need to put in place a common framework of principles so that public and municipal water supply companies can operate as modern public utilities and be sustainable was highlighted by EYATH S.A.’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Nikos Papadakis, at an event hosted at the Tellogleio Foundation to mark World Water Day 2015.

EYATH’s key financials improved in 2014

All EYATH S.A.’s key financials were up, and EBT were over € 20 million in the 2014 period.

Group turnover stood at € 73.7 million compared to € 72.3 million last year, up some 1.9% which was due to increased water sales and higher sewerage charges. Gross profits stood at € 26.3 million compared to € 25.8 million, up some 1.73%. EBT stood at € 20.3 million compared to € 17.7 million, up 14.9% while earnings net of tax stood at € 13.4 million compared to € 13 million in the same period last year, reflecting a rise of some 2.35%.


New improved social tariff for the vulnerable in society

Since early 2014, EYATH S.A. has been offering a social tariff with a 50% discount for vulnerable groups. So far 4,000 consumers are benefiting from this scheme.
The scheme applies to those on low incomes with a total taxable income of € 8,000 or below per year, augmented by € 3,000 for each dependent child. Anyone interested in joining the scheme (or their authorised representatives) need to submit an application form and the relevant supporting documents (statement of tax payable and the E1 tax form) and must have a water bill registered under their name.

Net profits of 31.3%

EYATH S.A. ended 2014 Q3 with high profits of € 12.5 million, up some 31.3%.
More specifically, the Q3 interim financial statements show Group turnover at € 54 million compared to € 52.4 million in the same period last year, up some 3.1%. Gross profits stood at € 20 million compared to € 18 million in the same period in 2013, up 11%. EBT stood at € 16.9 million compared to € 11.8 million in the same period last year, up 43.6%, while earnings net of tax stood at € 12.5 million compared to € 9.5 million in Q3 last year, up some 31.3%.

2013 and 2015 rates

EYATH S.A. intends on fixing its rates for year ahead (2015) at 2013 levels.
“This is a new age for EYATH, as a modern public utility, that is constantly improving the services offered to citizens. Our pricing policy reflects both the needs and capabilities of the company and its customers. To take proper account of them all, we are ‘freezing’ the rates for 2015”, said EYATH S.A.’s Chairman and CEO, Nikos Papadakis.