Projects & Development


To enable information to be disseminated, the Development Division has set up a library containing an array of scientific books, journals and an up-to-date archive. EYATH’s library is connected to the Hellenic National Documentation Centre to ensure that its materials are available to anyone interested. The Division also keeps archives relating to several environmental issues (sludge, toxicity, water management, environmental legislation and so on) in both hard copy and electronic format.


EYATH S.A. operates within the Greater Thessaloniki Area, Greece’s second largest urban agglomeration. The company remains firmly focused on expanding its operations, upgrading its facilities and services by integrating cutting-edge technology, and opening itself up to new sectors.

The Technical Works and Development Divisions play a major role in this regard. The Technical Works Division is responsible for preparing or overseeing the company’s plans and designs, including electromechanical and surveying designs. It is also responsible for carrying out works and overseeing how works are carried out, and also drafts and publishes all tender notices relating to designs and technical works.

The Development Division lays down the company’s strategic goals and works towards achieving them, explores new avenues of business, seeks out and participates in research programmes to ensure optimal company operations and to open up new prospects for business operations. The EYATH Research Programmes Bureau is responsible for the latter.