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Dividend Announcement Cut / Payment for the Fiscal Year 2012

E.Y.A.Th S.A. announces the following: In effect of the article of the Athens Stock Exchange Rule Book and according to the decision of the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders on the 28th of June 2013, the dividend for the fiscal year 2012 is €0.162 per share, which according to the article 14 of the Law 3943/2011, is subject to a tax withhold of 25% and as such the net amount paid of the dividend per share is finalised at €0.121.

Annual fiscal presentation results 2013

On Wednesday, June the 5th, 2013, in Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Center on 16-18 Katouni Street, the presentation of EYATH SA to the financial analysts took place. During the presentation operating company topics were presented, performance indicators, financial indicators and fundamental financial figures by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nikolaos Papadakis. The financial results were presented in detail by the financial adviser of EYATh Mr. Constantinos Zisis

INVITATION Of the shareholders of the SA Company under the title "WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE SYSTEMS COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A" and the distinct title "EYATH S.A" (S.A register number 41913/06/Β/98/32) with headquarters in Thessaloniki, on Annual General Assembly.

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Announcement and publication of financial results

EYATH SA informs the investment community the figures and information of the Company and the Group for the period from 1-1-2013 to 31-3-2013 as well as the Interim Financial Statements are published today the 31st of May, in the Athens Stock Exchange site www.ase.gr as well as the Company site www.eyath.gr


The THESSALONIKI WATER & SEWERAGE COMPANY S.A. announces that the Annual Analyst Presentation will take place on Wednesday the 5th of June 2013, at the Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre, located at Katouni 16-18 at 12.00 time pm, as according to the financial Calendar 2013

Comments on financial results

High profitability of €18 mil. and turnover of €74 mil. were recorded by EYATH SA in the fiscal year of 2012. Actual group earnings were at the 2011 fiscal year levels, although there was a further reduction in water consumption (61.7 mil. sq.m. in 2010 / 60.8 mil. sq.m. in 2011 / 56.4 mil. sq.m. in 2013) and its respective sewerage charges, whereas new connections with water and sewerage networks decreased due to the economic sentiment.


In response to a relevant question from the Hellenic Capital Market Committee (Ref 1257/270313) with respect to any possible existence of activities of the Company in the Republic of Cyprus, we inform the investing public that:
1. Our Company does not maintain any commercial activity in Cyprus.
2. Our Company does not maintain any cash in Cypriot Banks.
Therefore there is no influence upon the results or the cash from the implementation of the measures provided for by the agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus.

Announcement of the Annual Financial Results

The EYATH S.A. company informs the investing public that the figures and information of the Company and Consolidated Accounts as well as the Annual Financial Statements for the period 01.01.2012 to 12.31.2012 are announced today, Friday, March the 29th, 2013 on the website of the Athens Exchange www.ase.gr and  the Company's website www.eyath.gr


The THESSALONIKI WATER & SEWAGE COMPANY S.A. within the context of the Company's obligation to inform correctly and timely investors, according to the articles 4.1.2 and of the Athens Stock Exchange new Regulation, announces the Financial Calendar of the Company for the Year 2013.


The Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Company of Thessaloniki SA announces that on the 21st of February 2013 in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Thessaloniki,13th km of Thessaloniki – Peraias, the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Shareholders took place, it was lawfully attended either in person or through proxy by ten (10) shareholders, a quorum of 29,145,232 shares out of a total of 36,300,000 shares with a percentage of 80.29% of the paid up share capital.
The General Assembly took the following decisions upon the daily agenda

Announcement of proposed amendments to the articles of association

Water and Sewerage Company of Thessaloniki announces that, according to article 19 par. 2 of Law 3556/2007 and the ATHEX Rulebook, the proposed amendments of Article 5 par. 4 and Article 13, of the Company’s Articles of Association, are available on the Company’s website on www.eyath.gr.