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From EYATh it is announced the following: Pursuant to Article of the Athens Stock Exchange and in accordance with the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of June 30, 2014, a) the dividend for 2013 amounts to 0,120 euros per share, which according to law 4110/2013, subject to withholding tax of 10% and therefore the net payable amount of the dividend will amount to 0,108 euros per share, b) the distribution of untaxed reserves net amount of 0.065 euro per share, according to law 4172/2013 par 11 and c) to return to shareholders of the outstanding balance of funds raised a net amount of EUR 0.10 per share.

Annual fiscal presentation results 2014

On Friday, June the 6th, 2014 in Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre (16-18 Katouni Street) the EYATh SA annual presentation to financial analysts took place. During the presentation operational issues of the company, performance indicators, financial indicators and fundamental figures were analysed by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nikolaos Papadakis. The financial results were presented in detail by the financial adviser EYATh, Mr. Zissis Constantine

Invitation Of Annual General Assembly 30-06-2014

INVITATION of the shareholders of the SA Company under the title "WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE SYSTEMS COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A" and the distinct title "EYATH S.A" (S.A register number 41913/06/Β/98/32) and Registry Office No. 58240404000 with headquarters in Thessaloniki, on Annual General Assembly.
By clicking here all necessary files for participation can be downloaded

Press Release 30-05-2014

Q1 2014 Financial Results Announcement
Turnover increase as well as gross profit and positive cash flow are the results of the Q1 2014 financial accounts compared to Q1 2013 for EYATH SA. Specifically, according to the interim financial statements of Q1 2014, group turnover reached €19.2 mil. from €18.3 mil. the respective period last year, making an increase of 4.96%. Gross profit reached the amount of €8.1 mil. from €7.96 mil. an increase of 2.2%. Earnings before taxes reached the amount of €7.6 mil. from €7.7 mil. the respective period last year (increase of 1.26%), whereas the after tax earnings reached the amount of €5.7 mil. from €6.4 mil. from the respective period last year (decrease of 11.75%) due to the increase of the tax coefficients. It is noted that the turnover increase can be explained after the increase of 1 mil. sqm water quantities of the middle tariff category consumption (31-120 sqm), whereas the gross profit increased by 7% of the cost of sales due to the operating cost of the thermo dried unit.


The WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A. announces that the annual briefing of financial analysts, on the financial results of the year 2014 is transferred on Friday, June 6, 2014 instead of  Wednesday , 4 June 2014, as well as the Annual General Meeting postponed to Monday, June 30, 2014 instead of Friday 27 June 2014.


The THESSALONIKI WATER & SEWERAGE COMPANY S.A. announces that the Annual Analyst Presentation will take place on Friday the 6th of June 2014, at the Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre, located at Katouni 16-18 at 12.00 time pm, as according to the financial Calendar 2014.

Comments on financial results 2013

High  profitability  of  €13  million  was  recorded  by  EYATH  SA  in  fiscal  year 2013.  Actual  earnings  of  the  group  were  at  the  2010  levels,  despite  the observation of a decrease in water consumption (60.8 million cubic meters in 2011,  56.4  million  cubic  meters  in  2012,  53.1  million  cubic  meters  in  2013) and the respective sewerage charges, while reduced remains the construction activity.


The THESSALONIKI WATER & SEWAGE COMPANY S.A. within the context of the Company's obligation to inform correctly and timely investors, according to the articles 4.1.2 and of the Athens Stock Exchange new Regulation, announces the Financial Calendar of the Company for the Year 2014.


Group turnover reached the amount of €52.4 mil. from €53.9 mil. the relative period last year (a decrease of 2.91%), gross profit reached €18 mil. from €21.5 mil. (a decrease of 16.06%) and the before tax earnings reached the amount of €11.8 mil. from €17.8 mil. the relative period last year (a decrease of 33.62%). The after tax earnings amounted to €9.5 mil. from €14.3 mil. in the relative 9 month period last year (a decrease of 33.46%).
It is clarified that the company results were impacted during the current period by interests due to late payment amount of almost €2.2 mil., after the adjustment of payments to local authorities of A and B grade towards the company amount of almost €13 mil. (based on the Common Ministerial Decision 38560/26.09.2013 of the Ministers of Interior and Finance for payments in arrears up until 31.07.2013).


Press release

Press release

EYATH  SA  demonstrated  high  profitability  and  liquidity,  continuing  its  good performance,  despite  the  economic  sentiment,  as  shown  in  the  6  month financial results of the current fiscal year.
Specifically, in the first 6 months of 2013, the Group turnover amounted to 36.2 million euros against 37.76 million euros in the corresponding period last year  (a  decrease  of  4.3%).  Gross  profit  amounted  to  14.25  million  euros against  16  million  euros  (a  decrease  of  11.4%),  while  the  pre-tax  profit amounted  to  11.1  million  euros  against  14.29  million  euros  in  the corresponding  period  last  year  (a  decrease  of  22.3%).  Profits  after  tax amounted  to  9  million  euros  compared  with  11.3  million  euros  in  the corresponding period last year (a decrease of 20.2%).
The results of this semester demonstrate the actual situation of the company: healthy financial structure, significant cash reserves, operating cash flow.


The «WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE SYSTEMS COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A» announces that on the 28th of June 2013 in the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel, 13 km  Thessaloniki - Peraia, the Annual General Assembly of the Shareholders took place, in which legally presented in person or through proxy 11 shareholders representing 28,866,733 shares, or a percentage of 79.52% of the Company share capital. The following decisions were taken: