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THE WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE SERVICE COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A. pursuant to Law 3556/2007, as amended by Law 4374/2016 (Government Gazette 50 / 01.04.2016), announces that the Country - State of origin for the Company is Greece and the competent supervisory authority is the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. This disclosure shall be made in the adjustment of Greek legislation to the EC Directive 2013/50/EC on transparency.

Results of the AGM 2016


Annual analysts presentation 2016

On Wednesday the 20th of April 2016 on the Greek Central Securities Depository SA (formerly Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre), on the 16-18 Katouni Street the analysts presentation of EYATH SA took place. During the presentation operational issues were presented but also performance indicators, financial ratios and the main financial fundamentals from the President and the CEO of the Company, Nikolaos Papadakis. The economic results of the company were presented by the economic consultant of the company Mr Constantinos Zisis.

INVITATION of the shareholders of the SA Company under the title "WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE SYSTEMS COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A" and the distinct title "EYATH S.A" (S.A register number 41913/06/Β/98/32) and Registry Office No. 58240404000 with headquarters in Thessaloniki, on Annual General Assembly.
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Comments on financial results 2015

EYATH SA 2015 fiscal year concluded with much improved financial figures, succeeding an increase of it’s before tax earnings by 1.8%.
Specifically, group turnover reached the amount of €73 mil. compared to €73.7 mil. during the previous fiscal year, making a decrease of 0.87% due to the decrease of the charged water amounts by 1.1 mil. cubic meters and the respective sewerage charges.


In part of the Company obligations, as far as the investment community information is concerned, the Water Supply & Sewerage Systems Company of Thessaloniki SA announces its plan for company actions for the year 2016.


According to the EYATH S.A. Interim Financial Statements for the nine month period of 2015, group turnover reached the amount of €53.4 mil. versus €53.9 mil. the respective period last year, a decrease of 1%.

Announcement of the second publication of the 30/06/2015 financial statement

EYATH SA announces that on the 14th of September 2015 a second publication of the 30/6/2015 Financial Statements took place including the Table of Raised Funds which was missed on the first publication.

Press Release 6 months 2015 E.Y.A.Th. S.A.

According to the 2015 half year financial statements, group turnover reached the amount of €37.3 mil. from €37.8 mil. the respective period last year, noting an decrease of 1.34%.

Announcement ex dividend date of fiscal year 2014

From EYATh announces the following:
a) Following the announcement of June 30, 2015 after the Annual General Meeting on June 29 on the payment of dividends and as

b) the announcement of July 10th on the bank holiday and the shift of the cut-off date and the dividend payment,

from EYATh announces the following:


Voting results on the decisions of the postponed annual general meeting of EYATH S.A.

The «WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE SYSTEMS COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A» announces that the results of the voting that took place on the framework of the postponed Ordinary Annual General Meeting on the 21st of July 2015 in the Greek Central Securities Depository SA (formerly Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre), in which legally presented in person or through proxy 3 shareholders representing 26,870,809 shares, or percentage of 79.024% of the Company share capital, were the following:

Notice on decisions of the postponed ordinary general meeting of EYATH SA

The Water and Sewerage of Thessaloniki SA announces that on the July 21st, 2015 in the Greek Central Securities Depository SA (formerly Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre), the repeated General Meeting of the Shareholders took place as a continuation of the previous on June 29th, 2015 and was attended legally in person or in proxy by three shareholders representing 28,870,809 shares, ie 79.024% of the share capital of the Company and during which the following decisions were taken.