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Change of financial calendar 2017

The WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A. announces that the annual briefing of financial analysts, on the financial results of the year 2016 is transferred on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 instead of Tuesday , 16 May 2017.

INVITATION of the shareholders of the SA Company under the title "WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE SYSTEMS COMPANY OF THESSALONIKI S.A" and the distinct title "EYATH S.A" (S.A register number 41913/06/Β/98/32) and Registry Office No. 58240404000 with headquarters in Thessaloniki, on Annual General Assembly.
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Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co S.A. (EYATH S.A.) reported improved results for 2016 overall, which combine profitability with lower operating costs and a more wide-ranging social policy, higher provisions and increased R&D funds.

Press Release 06-04-2017

Mr. Panagiotis Gogos has been voted by the Board of Directors of EYATH S.A. in the 06/04/2017 meeting, as an independent non-executive member of the BoD, to replace Mr. John Antoniades, who resigned. Mr. Panagiotis Gogos is an economist and after BoD’s decision, the Chairman of the Internal Audit Committee of the company, which is composed of Mr. Panagiotis Gogos, Ms. Stef. Tanimanidou and Ms. Evd. Petridi.


In part of the Company obligations, as far as the investment community information is concerned, the Water Supply & Sewerage Systems Company of Thessaloniki SA announces its plan for company actions for the year 2017.

Notification on the change in composition of the executive members

For Board of EYATh SA with the decision. No. 452/2016 decision placed as General Director of the company Mr. Peter Nast. Along with the same decision placed six managers to new directions of the company. Director of Finance placed Mr. Dimitris Alexandris in place of Ms Maria Samara. The mandate starts on 01.01.2017 and is three years.


The Board of Directors of Thessaloniki's Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A. (EYATH) procceded to changes in the organization chart, according to its No. 402/2016 decision, valid from 01-01-2017.

Press Release 6 months 2015 E.Y.A.Th. S.A.

In spite of higher levels of provisions, EYATH S.A. reported high profits and liquidity in the first half of 2016, with an increase of over 13% in gross profits and EBT.

Notification of change of internal auditor

EYATH SA announces that according to the 217/2016 decision of the Board of Directors, regarding the company's Internal Audit Department, Mr. Ioannis Kasioulis becomes the new Head of the Internal Audit Dpt., Ms. Evangelia Manchiou is appointed as A class Controller and as outer directorate support partner, the Company "MAZARS SA".
The mandate of Internal Auditors decided to set for three years (1.7.2016-30.6.2019). The relevant supporting contract with Mazars has a duration of two years.

Announcement of change of General Director

The Management of EYATH announces that the General Manager of the company, Mr. Michael Vadratsikas resigned due to his retirement. The Board of EYATh with the decision No. 257/2016, decided of temporarily assigned the duties of General Manager to Mr. Peter Nastos, who while still carries out his duties as Director of Constructions and Technical Works.

Notice of dividend cut 2015

EYATh SA announces the following: Pursuant to Article of the Athens Stock Exchange and in accordance with the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of May 11, 2016, the dividend for 2015 amounts to 0,25 euro per share, which according to law 4389/2016, subject to withholding tax of 10% and therefore the net payable amount of the dividend will amount to 0,225 euro per share.
Ex-dividend date was set for 23th of June, 2016. From that date the Company's shares will be traded on the Athens Exchange without the right to receive aby dividend.
The record date of the dividend for those registered shareholders is the 24th of June, 2016.
The payment date for the dividend was set for June 29th 2016 by the paying bank EUROBANK ERGASIAS as follows:
1. Through the Registry operators, shareholders, those who have authorized for the receipt of dividends their handlers.
2. Through the branch network of the  EUROBANK ERGASIAS, for those shareholders who keep their shares in the special account of the registry or have failed to supply or have withdrawn the authorization to Registry operators.
3. For those shareholders who, for various reasons, can not be credited through their operators will be able to receive the dividend either the shareholders themselves or their duly authorized representatives in  EUROBANK ERGASIAS throughout the branch network of, by producing their identity card or such authority of the beneficiary, as attested to the authenticity of the signature by Public Authority.
Dividends not claimed within five (5) years are declared in favor of the Greek State.
For more information, shareholders may contact the Shareholder Services & Corporate Communications of the Company (tel ++30 2310 286613).