Saving water

Rational management of water resources and water savings, as well as the need to cultivate a new water management culture, are vital in order safeguard the needs of modern society and our ecosystems.

Research conducted by prestigious international organisations has ranked Greece high in the list of countries with unwarranted water consumption and unreasonable degradation of ecosystems. The way in which we manage critical sectors such as crops, planning, fisheries, use of fossil fuels is anything but ‘green’, meaning that every year many hectares of ‘living space’ per resident are ‘sacrificed’.

Consumption of massive quantities of water to irrigate water-thirsty crops and the dramatic decline in reserves because of climate change, among other things are major ‘concerns’ for modern societies. However, in order to adopt a comprehensive, uniform policy to manage and protect water resources it’s essential to provide citizens with information and raise their awareness, and also to get them involved in taking decisions and implementing them...