Environmental protection
Sewerage - environmental inspections

Sewerage & Environment Quality Control Lab

The Sewerage & Environment Quality Control Lab is part of EYATH S.A.’s Facilities Operations & Maintenance and Environmental Controls Division and operates in line with an ISO 9001:2000-compliant Quality Management System (Certificate No. 041090140). It also participates regularly in lab proficiency testing (doing so at least twice a year). All tests have produced excellent results, well within the specified limits. The reliability of results is certified by an independent body.

Tests are carried out on:

  • The Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • The Aeneia Wastewater Treatment Facility responsible for Thessaloniki’s tourist areas
  • The Waste Treatment Plant in the Thessaloniki Industrial Area run by ETVA S.A. (member of Piraeus Bank Group)
  • Liquid industrial waste handled by networks EYATH manages which ends up at those facilities
  • Natural bodies of water
  • Underground leaks

The lab carries out random tests as well as physico-chemical, microbiological and other tests and prepares reports and opinions based on the data collected.

Under EYATH’s ‘umbrella’

The Greater Thessaloniki Area is Greece’s second largest industrial zone which is home to numerous plants such as petroleum refineries, steel works, breweries and so on. It is also home to food industries, dye shops, tanneries, medium-sized chemical industries, metal plating works, agrochemical manufacturers, petrol stations, car washes, and other small-scale production and storage facilities whose liquid waste may differ from urban waste.

Waste treated by all those industries (apart from those in the Thessaloniki Industrial Area) and wastewater from the Greater Thessaloniki Area is sent via the EYATH sewerage network to the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Pre-treated waste from the Thessaloniki Industrial Area is sent to the Waste Treatment Plant which is supervised by EYATH S.A. where it undergoes further treatment. The treated waste is then directed to the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Facility and from there released into Thermaikos Bay, which is the final disposal site.


Conditions for accepting liquid waste

Under the current legislation, industries are obliged to construct and operate their own liquid waste treatment facilities so that the quality is in accordance with the applicable legislation on output liquid waste, EU Directives, the decision of the then Prefect of Thessaloniki (Decision No. 30/oik. 2885, Government Gazette 1079/15.7.2010 taken following a decision of the Board of Directors of EYATH S.A. which stated that it also applies to networks which it manages) and decisions No. 465/2003 and No. 382/2005 of the Board of Directors of EYATH S.A.

For those industries to run facilities for waste they intend to dispose of via the EYATH S.A. network, they need approval for the design of those facilities and a permit to dispose of their liquid waste. Under the relevant legislation, those permits are managed by EYATH SA. which has set up a Wastewater and Liquid Industrial Waste Treatment & Disposal Designs Inspection Committee. The aim is to protect (a) employees working on the network of wastewater treatment facility pipes and (b) the environment into which waste is released, by ensuring the quality of the output.