The Company
IT infrastructure

The Company’s IT Department is housed at EYATH’s head offices at 127 Egnatia St. All company central computer systems, telecom infrastructure, software and applications are managed and controlled from there.

The building at 127 Egnatia St. is fitted with structured, certified vertical and horizontal cabling. Leased lines connect the company’s central computer systems at the Egnatia St. building to all remote customer service locations (like the Vardaris branch and the building at 98 Tsimiski St.). Wifi is available at the Water Supply Museum (in the Sfagia area of Thessaloniki) which is run by EYATH.

The Kalochori central warehouses, pumping stations, external work crews and wastewater treatment facilities communicate with the Company’s head offices using ISDN or ADSL technology.

Τhe company’s entire digital network was recently upgraded to MPLS technology which operates in tandem with leased lines. The option of switching to advanced wireless technologies is being examined and conclusions from pilot facilities are being analysed to check performance and how secure data transmissions are.

Active network equipment

Active network equipment is housed in special premises along with central computer systems where temperatures and humidity levels are kept stable. Core Switches consist of two Layer 3 switches and are configured so that if one goes down another will come online thereby ensuring uninterrupted operations. The company is currently examining the need to replace all active network equipment.

Central computer systems

The backbone of the system is 2 IBM servers. Having installed the servers in cluster formation in 2010, they have been operating non-stop round the clock, 365 days a year. A Storage Area Network (SAN) hosts our IT system. Remote locations, as well as Company Divisions and their constituent departments are supported by the two terminal servers.

Our servers operate using fibre optic NIC connection cards. The backbone connecting the two sections into which cabling at the Egnatia St. building is divided is also based on fibre optics.

The SAN was recently upgraded, as were the fibre optics used to communicate with the servers and all the relevant infrastructure. We also plan to replace the main servers and terminal servers by the end of 2015. EYATH’s domain serves around 230 active users.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the platform on which EYATH’s IT system is built. Using ERP functions we can implement most procedures relevant to water supply and sewerage in the Greater Thessaloniki Area.

Using various ERP modules, we can collect meter readings from consumers’ water meters, input that data to the IT system, cross-check it and issue water bills based on our tariffs, send the bills for printing and then dispatch them to consumers.