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Automation of facilities
Remote control at the Refinery

The Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant is a cutting-edge facility. Its total capacity is 150,000 m3 of drinking water a day, and plans are currently being drawn up to expand production by an additional 150,000 m3/d.

The production process is automated and includes a large number of on-line instruments which continuously record operational parameters and water characteristics in the various treatment stages (flow meters, pH meters, conductivity meters, turbidimeters, chlorine residue counters, etc.). Signals from those instruments are sent to the facility’s Control Centre located on the 1st floor of the management building. A mimic diagram of operations and the Sindos pumping station’s SCADA system are also installed at the same location.

Thanks to 22 PLCs it is possible to remotely control equipment, remotely operate engines and run facilities at the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant in an automated fashion. Using the SCADA system operators can:

  • Record and constantly check water characteristics in the various stages of treatment
  • Check that individual units and pieces of equipment are working properly
  • Change operational parameters to optimise the procedure
  • Ensure the excellent quality of the water leaving the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant.