The Company
Business activities

The Company’s key operations which are outlined in its Articles of Association are as follows:

  • To provide water supply to consumers via a water supply network
  • To provide sewerage services for waste via a sewerage network
  • To financially exploit both those services and networks.

However, EYATH S.A. remains open to the idea of developing new business activities such as telecommunications, energy, and environmentally-beneficial wastewater management.

Providing water supply services includes supplying drinking water of suitable quality for homes, municipalities and public use (i.e. to water municipal spaces), to provide water for industrial uses and to provide adequate quantities of water for fire-fighting.

Providing sewerage services includes collecting liquid urban waste and industrial waste from the Greater Thessaloniki Area via networks of sewers, transporting it to waste treatment plants to be processed, and disposing of it into the natural environment.

To meet consumer needs EYATH S.A. today provides a maximum quantity of around 290,000 m3 of water a day and a minimum of 240,000 m3.

Financially exploiting the water supply and sewerage networks includes measuring water consumption, billing and collecting water and sewerage charges. At present there are around 480,000 water meters which correspond to around 1,050,000 people. 99% of consumers are household users, who account for 2/3 of the billed quantity of water, while 1% are large consumers.