The Company
Management structure
Current line-up of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is convened by the Chairman, in line with the Company’s Articles of Association, and meets up to 4 times a month.

The current Board of Directors comprised of:

NamePost On Board
Krestenitis IoannisChairman of the Board and CEO - Executive member
Papaioannou Ioannis1st Vice Chairman - Executive Member
Penelis Grigorios2nd Vice Chairman, Independent non-executive member
Gogos PanagiotisIndependent non-executive member
Tanimanidou StefaniaIndependent non-executive member
Latsiou Chrisafi OlympiaNon-executive member
Samaras Petros
Non-executive member
Klitou NikolaosIndependent non-executive member, chairman of Control Committee
Archontopoulos Georgios
Non-executive member – employee representative
Sachinidis AnastasiosNon-executive member – employee representative

The Board’s term of 5 years ends on 10.05.2021 (Mr Klitou's and Mr Penelis' term ends on 21.02.2024).

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders must set article 23 of the Articles of Association states that pay and remuneration for the Board of Directors.